Learn About Giving

WeGive.org is dedicated to empowering everyone to become a philanthropist! You don’t have to be a business mogul or a global entrepreneur to be a donor. Giving to causes you care about – by donating your time and your talent – makes you feel great, strongly connects you to your community, and helps create a better world for you, your family, your friends, and neighbors to live in.

Wegive.org is a unique website designed to help make giving simple in Northeast Florida. You find the nonprofit project that needs your help and matches your passion. You decide the size of your gift and then track the project as others invest in it too. Remember, all giving is powerful! A gift on of any size makes a difference. After all, over 50% of the nonprofits in the United States operate on $25,000 or less each year.

Nonprofits in Northeast Florida are an integral part of life in our community. From children’s museums, senior services, and job training programs to healthy babies clinics, homeless shelters, and environmental protection nonprofits are what bring life to our community. WeGive.org is a free website “marketplace” that gives citizens a place to find out about and support the over 1200 nonprofits in Northeast Florida. People and groups who want to give to the projects they see on WeGive.org can donate immediately and securely. WeGive.org requires all organizations that post a project on our website to provide official documentation that proves they have been given IRS tax exempt status.

Making a donation on WeGive.org can help build playgrounds; renovate community centers; buy equipment, toys, and school supplies; and improve the services and programs of nonprofits in Northeast Florida. The project pages on WeGive.org are created by the nonprofits themselves and reflect their immediate and urgent needs.

When you are considering making a financial donation, know your rights. Read the Donors Bill of Rights to learn about ethics in giving, and visit Guidestar to review an organization’s IRS Form 990, and learn about their programs and finances.

Go to WeGive.org’s project pages and become a philanthropist today!