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DePaul School

  • Address: 3044 South San Pablo Road
  •                   Jacksonville, FL  32224
  • Phone: 904-223-3391
  • Website: www.depaulschool.com
  • Mission: DePaul is committed to understanding and educating students with specific learning issues such as visual and auditory processing disorders, memory or attention deficits and dyslexia. We maintain committment to excellence in education while helping students develop to their full potential. ABOUT DEPAUL We are a full-time day school for grades 2-8. We help students of elementary and middle school age who have dyslexia. Students are taught to mastery in small classes and are grouped by ability rather than grade to maximize effectiveness. Our specialized techniques include multisensory teaching methods along with structured, individualized direct instruction. The emphasis is on basic academic remediation. Enrichment opportunities are offered in art, drama, music, computers and physical education. An intermediate program is offered for our older students to help prepare them for transitioning to high school. Organizational and study skills are an integral part of the middle school program and these students have the same enrichment opportunities as the younger ones. Our school has a proven track record in catching up students in reading and math who have fallen behind due to their learning issue.

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