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Birthdays Are Special for Abused Boys

Goal: To provide birthday celebrations for the boys at SAYS to they will have special memories.

Total Project Value: $1,500

Project End Date: 12/31/2017

Status: Amount Given: $1,010 | Goal Amount: $1,500


I love - they make it so easy to make a difference. It's also nice to know that each of the organizations on here has been vetted and approved and that my donation is going straight to those in need.

Jenna, Jacksonville

Project Description

St. Augustine Youth Services is a therapeutic residential group home for boys who have suffered server trauma or abuse. They have been placed an average of 8 times before coming here and sometimes have never had a birthday cake, birthday party or birthday gifts. Each boy at SAYS is special and deserves a special day all of his own.

The children's agencies contracted through the state only cover the costs for room and board. All other things we do for the boys such as class trips, school photos, after school activities, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, etc. are paid for through fundraising activities and community support.

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