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Brooks Bandits Quad Rugby Program 2016

Goal: Support Quad Wheelchair Rugby team when they play tournaments

Total Project Value: $2,000

Project End Date: 1/10/2018

Status: Amount Given: $1,240 | Goal Amount: $2,000


I love - they make it so easy to make a difference. It's also nice to know that each of the organizations on here has been vetted and approved and that my donation is going straight to those in need.

Jenna, Jacksonville

Project Description

Brooks Bandits are a Quad Rugby team. Quad rugby is a full contact sport played on a basketball court with a volleyball and a custom fit wheelchair designed to take the heavy lifting inherent in this sport. It is a game with complex offensive and defensive strategies and is highly addictive. A player must have a disability affecting all four limbs. The Brooks Team travels nationally for tournaments and can use we give funds to help cover expenses during those events.

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