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The Mental Health Renaissance Project

Goal: Monthly mental health self-care seminars to women involving art,aromatherapy, music & inspiration

Total Project Value: $1,000

Project End Date: 6/1/2017

Status: Amount Given: $10 | Goal Amount: $1,000

This is wonderful way to choose which projects I want to support.

Nick, Jacksonville

Project Description

The Mental Health Renaissance Project aims to bring music, art, and wellness to women during the winter months when depression and anxiety are at their highest levels. Mental health disorders tend to increase during the winter months as colder temperatures and less daylight lead to a decrease in exercise and the brain chemical serotonin, which is responsible for maintaining good mental health. Also, the increase stress of the holidays adds to strain on mental health. We aim to invite women to learn how to deal with these stressors in a positive way by providing positive means of self-care through the arts and nutrition. Our seminars will provide a combination of art therapy, music therapy, massage, yoga, aromatherapy and nutritional information in a fun, inspirational, and social environment.

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