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Friends With Autism Jaguars Game Day Sensory Bags

Goal: To provide sensory bags for children with autism spectrum disorders to attend Jaguars home games

Total Project Value: $2,500

Project End Date: 1/13/2018

Status: Amount Given: $0 | Goal Amount: $2,500

After discovering this site, I keep wanting to give and give and give!

Nick, Jacksonville

Project Description

Making Strides For Autism, Inc (MSFA) mission is to provide support, training, and advocacy to families and people living with autism; creating a more autism-friendly community. Our vision is one day, the First Coast will be the most autism-friendly region to live in Florida. In order to make this vision a reality MSFA started the Friends With Autism Community Outreach Initiative. This initiative unites the community and creates more understanding, acceptance, and autism-friendly locations throughout the First Coast.

Attending an NFL game or an event venue is not always possible for families and people on the spectrum due to sensory processing challenges. Autism-friendly sporting events were limited but now countless sporting teams have hosted sensory-friendly games during their seasons to help those with special needs. Each of these events helps spread awareness and acceptance while welcoming families and people on the spectrum to watch the game.

Supporting our project will provide complimentary sensory bags and help create a sensory break room for families and people living with autism right here in our community. We want to be able to provide this and ask for your assistance in giving towards this project that will help make Jacksonville Jaguars home games a little more enjoyable for autism fans.

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