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Holiday Gifts for Children Cared for by Senior Grandparents

Goal: Support cash-strapped seniors who care for minors by providing the children holiday presents.

Total Project Value: $2,500

Project End Date: 1/1/2019

Status: Amount Given: $0 | Goal Amount: $2,500

I love - they make it so easy to make a difference. It's also nice to know that each of the organizations on here has been vetted and approved and that my donation is going straight to those in need.

Jenna, Jacksonville

Project Description

Aging True's Relatives as Parents Program of Jacksonville (RAPPJax) assists seniors who are the primary caregivers for minor family members by providing them with a myriad of services ranging from support groups to trainings to child care. On average, RAPPJax participants are xxx years old and raising 2 children, with the average age of the child being 8 years old.

Services include computer courses to help bridge the technological gap between seniors and their minor family members, opportunities for the often financially-burdened family to participate in Family Fun Day excursions throughout Jacksonville, and assistance with to summer camps and the purchase school supplies.

Many of these families have tight budgets and find themselves with little to spare during the holidays. Every year, we reach out to the community for donations for the holidays, which we use to host Thanksgiving and Christmas parties for the families as well as provide stockings and presents for the children. We aim to also give a present to the grandparent-caregiver, so any donations left over go towards the grandparents!

These donations allow these families the opportunity to join in all the holiday mirth of the season, a chance they otherwise would not have! Please consider donating to our cause!

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