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Sponsor a Day of Summer Fun for Our Teens

Goal: Your donation will sponsor a day of fun for our teenagers.

Total Project Value: $300

Project End Date: 1/28/2018

Status: Amount Given: $1,070 | Goal Amount: $300


After discovering this site, I keep wanting to give and give and give!

Nick, Jacksonville

Project Description

Homelessness isnít only an adult problem. At the shelter, we house several teenagers and young children. All through the school year, children daydream about their summers- family vacations, summer camps, and riding their bikes through their neighborhoods. However, for homeless children the summer scene is very different. Every child deserves a fun summer and your donation will sponsor a day of fun for our teenagers at the movie theatre and lunch for 7 teens, while our younger children are at camp! Your donation can cover a movie ticket or a meal out.

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