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Jacksonville Beach Deck The Chairs (JBDTC)

Goal: Provide a unique holiday event that benefits business and the Jax Beach Volunteer Life Saving Corps.

Total Project Value: $2,500

Project End Date: 5/24/2018

Status: Amount Given: $3,000 | Goal Amount: $2,500


I am honored to have the opportunity to help this way!!!

Ron, Jacksonville

Project Description

Founded to benefit our nationís only remaining Volunteer Life Saving Corps, JBDTC is an annual lighted lifeguard chair exhibit. Marking its fifth year, JBDTC gathers community to decorate and display the Beaches lifeguard chairs during the month of December to promote local business, instill public pride, and share cultural diversity through creative expression. Free and open to the public, the light display aims to provide a wholesome and festive downtown during the holidays. All net proceeds from JBDTC will benefit the historic Volunteer Life Saving Corps of Jacksonville Beach.

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