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HFC's After School and B.E.I.N.G. Project Program

Goal: To offer services that provide opportunities in health, education, and wellness in Jacksonville.

Total Project Value: $2,000

Project End Date: 4/16/2018

Status: Amount Given: $1,000 | Goal Amount: $2,000


This is wonderful way to choose which projects I want to support.

Nick, Jacksonville

Project Description

HFC's Afterschool program is designed to combat educational dysphoria encouraging students through computer access, literacy, STEM projects as well as an outlet in the arts and recreational activities. Also providing a meal and dinner night weekly for students and their families in the community to come together.

B.E.I.N.G Project which stands for Building Esteem Informatively Necessary for Growth. The B.E.I.N.G. Project is aimed toward youth ages 5- 14 and young adults 18-24. The program is designed to augment educational opportunities, introduce life skills, health and wellness activities, aid in employment preparations and conduct healthy communication and conflict resolution skills to assist these individuals with the knowledge and equipment to live better and more fulfilling lives. The program also encourages the youth in the program to take an active part in improving their neighborhoods and surrounding areas by planting the first community garden and community service projects for home bound seniors and the homeless.

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