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Job Readiness and Soft Skills Training /Low Skilled Adults

Goal: For Low Skilled Adults-ie Homeless to achive a high level of basic and workforce readiness skills

Total Project Value: $1,000

Project End Date: 1/6/2019

Status: Amount Given: $0 | Goal Amount: $1,000

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Susan, Jacksonville

Project Description

The overall purpose of the Job Readiness & Soft-Skills Training program is to provide the education and training to low skilled adults so that they are prepared for post-secondary education or training and progress in high-quality, family-sustaining employment. Through community partnerships, Destiny Changers will provide accelerated "Career Pathways" for its students to move ahead as quickly as possible into the career of their choice and will reference Jacksonville's Labor Market
Index (LMI) when developing new certification programs and community partnerships.

The Job Readiness & Soft-Skills Training provides 4 months of pre-employment training, including: rebuilding confidence, teamwork, effective communication, problem-solving and resourcefulness, accepting feedback & professionalism, time and resource management, resume and cover letter writing, job search and placement assistance.

Based on individual needs, participants can also partake in computer literacy courses, including: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email etiquette. After being referred or recruited, participants will complete a thorough assessment of their strengths, gaps and interests.

Following intake, participants will work with Destiny Changers and create an age-appropriate program path and compile educational credentials and work history along with existing employment strengths (e.g. education, skill certifications, key interests) and barriers (e.g. lack of stable housing, transportation needs, physical/mental health and substance abuse). After that, Destiny Changers will use these results to generate the Individualized Career Pathway (ICP). The ICPs are adaptable documents that Destiny Changers and participants will use throughout the program to prescribe services and supports, measure progress, track barrier reduction, monitor work readiness and report results. Given that the ICP includes participants' credentials, skills, gaps and interests, Destiny Changers will set goals that are tied to each participant's real-time circumstances. Those factors ensure that participant goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Destiny Changers will also use the ICP to explain career pathway options, discuss individual goals and interests and set benchmarks with participants to help monitor progress and celebrate successes.

Appropriate incentives that support work readiness will be provided as benchmarks are achieved (e.g. a low-resource participant may receive interview attire upon completion of work readiness training).

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