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PACE Center for Girls: History books for struggling learners

Goal: Purchase sets of biographies for struggling young readers featuring significant historical figures

Total Project Value: $2,500

Project End Date: 2/1/2019

Status: Amount Given: $1,095 | Goal Amount: $2,500


I gave to the Girl Scouts this time but there are so many good projects to choose from. And so easy to give!

Nick, Jacksonville

Project Description

Many of the girls at PACE Jacksonville (PACE) struggle with reading and comprehension. Not only does this interfere with their ability to learn, it directly effects their interest in learning. Many PACE girls are grade levels behind where they should be, and this is directly reflected in their skill levels. Many of the standard materials used in the classroom to teach History are content heavy and geared toward the average to above average learner and not conducive to the success of the girls at PACE. To create a more engaging learning experience for our middle school girls, PACE Jacksonville would like to purchase the Who Was? History books, a series of illustrated biographies for young readers. This collection includes over 200 books for young readers featuring significant historical figures, including artists, famous thinkers, scientists, and world leaders. These books are specifically designed to make learning about important figures and historical events exciting and accessible for middle school readers in the classroom, especially those students who struggle with reading and comprehension.

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