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Back to School Shopping for Sulzbacher's Children

Goal: This project goal is to raise funds for children currently receiving services from Sulzbacher.

Total Project Value: $2,000

Project End Date: 2/20/2019

Status: Amount Given: $1,000 | Goal Amount: $2,000


My grade 4 class in Makwa Sahgiehcan First Nation,in Canada, took money from their year end class trip to donate to the Haiti children. They need help more than ever right now and we are happy to donate to them!

Cheryl, Loon Lake Saskatchewan, Canada

Project Description

Sulzbacher provides school supplies, backpacks, and clothing for the new school year to children currently receiving services from Sulzbacher, include those living at the Village and those in After Care, for an average of 300 children. These funds will go to allowing children to shop for their new school clothes. Do you remember the excitement of shopping for your new outfit for the first day of school? Donate and provide the opportunity for a child to have that same experience so they can walk into their new classroom with pride.

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