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Trail Signs

Goal: To install 100 signs and posts on the seven trails at the arboretum

Total Project Value: $1,043

Project End Date: 7/2/2019

Status: Amount Given: $605 | Goal Amount: $1,043


This is wonderful way to choose which projects I want to support.

Nick, Jacksonville

Project Description

Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens is in need of 100 new trail signs, 4x4 posts, and the hardware to install the signs.

The sign materials and printing would cost $850 and the sign posts and hardware would run $140.

To rent an auger to install some of the posts (some can be done by hand) would be $53 for a total cost of $1043.

A $500 contribution has been received towards this project and with community support, we are looking to raise an additional $543 to fully fund this project.

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