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Sponsor a homeless child

Goal: Help a struggling family maintain daycare

Total Project Value: $1,000

Project End Date: 2/1/2011

Status: Amount Given: $15 | Goal Amount: $1,000

I like the new navigation of It was simple, quick and painless to donate!

Susan, Jacksonville

Project Description

The mother's that utilize our daycare can't afford to pay for this important service; they need help. They do the best they can - and so do the Community Connections staff - most of the time free of charge until the mother's can afford it. Can you help a mother who is trying to get back on her feet with daycare for her child(ren)? Even a small donation is a huge help for a struggling mother.

Each day we hear about how the economy is affecting the population. Homeless people are no exception - they are unable to regain their footing in these jobless times. A homeless woman with a child or children requires daycare in order to be able to work. She requires quality daycare in order to be able to work and not worry. Community Connections' daycare program offers a curriculum based enrichment program that helps give infants a head start in learning as well as programs that go through Voluntary pre-K that ensure the children we serve are ready and willing to learn when they enter school. This is an investment in the future of a child.

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