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The Ultimate Successful Woman

Goal: To educate, empower, and encourage young ladies into becoming the Ultimate Successful Woman

Total Project Value: $2,500

Project End Date: 12/31/2017

Status: Amount Given: $325 | Goal Amount: $2,500

13% is such an amazing and functional outlet for people who want to give back but just do not know where it is needed. It is so simple to find an organization that you believe in. I feel very fortunate to have a website like this one where I can rest assured that my donation is going where it is needed and where I intended. Look. Learn. Do. It is really is as simple as that.

Britt, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Project Description

Foundation For Fortitude, Inc. (F3) seeks to foster internal growth within the participants to assist in the development of their personal and professional lives, and engagement within the community.

The Ultimate Successful Woman (USW) program is designed to positively impact the lives of freshman and sophomore female college students that are faced with adversities. USW provides training sessions on various topics which include etiquette, character development, leadership skills, job readiness, life skills application, and financial literacy. Additionally, participants have an opportunity to shadow professionals in their field of study. USW aims to increase each participant's awareness and acceptance of her self-worth and resilience beyond circumstances to create the ultimate success story. Upon finishing all of the program's modules, each participant is awarded a scholarship.

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