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Move-in Kits

Goal: To provide Move-In Kits to households. Each Move-In Kit contains basic household items

Total Project Value: $1,250

Project End Date: 1/15/2018

Status: Amount Given: $1,010 | Goal Amount: $1,250


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Project Description

Ability Housing is a Florida nonprofit that develops housing, setting a standard of excellence in the field of affordable and supportive housing. We focus on meeting the needs of persons experiencing or at risk of homelessness and adults with disability. Our housing is linked with wrap-around services so all residents have a network of support. We are good neighbors that strengthen neighborhoods and improve the communities quality of life.

We need your help. Our new residents will be coming straight from the streets and shelters with very few possessions.

We need $1,250 to provide Move-In Kits to each of these households. Each Move-In Kit contains basic household items including:
Sheets, Pillows and Blankets
Plates, Silverware, Pots and Pans
Bath Towels and Shower Curtain
Personal Care and Cleaning Supplies
Move-In Kit costs average $347 each (depending on family size.) Please make a donation today so that each of our new residents will have items necessary to set up their new home.

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