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Health Me

Goal: To raise funding to support our health and wellness initiative in the Eastside urban core community

Total Project Value: $2,000

Project End Date: 3/1/2019

Status: Amount Given: $1,000 | Goal Amount: $2,000


I love - they make it so easy to make a difference. It's also nice to know that each of the organizations on here has been vetted and approved and that my donation is going straight to those in need.

Jenna, Jacksonville

Project Description

To improve individuals, helping them to acquire knowledge, make lifestyle changes, and gain a new perspective about the importance of their health. We want to conduct training sessions to better physical mobility and improvement for the public.
The goals are to introduce resources and education in nutrition to impoverished and food desert areas and conduct group and individual sessions on habits and behavior changes. Identifying motivation and improving self-image. Also, to assist in disease prevention and management. Ultimately, to create job and serving opportunities in health and wellness for those we serve.

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