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Community PedsCare

Goal: Provide critical palliative & hospice services to medically-complex children and their families

Total Project Value: $2,500

Project End Date: 11/1/2018

Status: Amount Given: $1,030 | Goal Amount: $2,500


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Gary, Jacksonville

Project Description

Established in 2000, Community PedsCare is the only nonprofit community-based program providing palliative and hospice care to medically-complex children and families in North Florida. The program provides comprehensive hospice and palliative care delivered in the home and in the hospital by a multidisciplinary team that includes physicians, nurses, social workers, child life specialists and spiritual counselors.
Since its inception, Community PedsCare has provided pediatric hospice and palliative care to nearly 1,900 children and their families.

Services that will be funded by your donation include:

- Palliative and hospice home visits by the multidisciplinary Community PedsCare team.

- Inpatient hospice and palliative care consultations in the home and in the hospital.

- Ongoing collaboration and coordination with primary care and subspecialty physicians, as well as other community care/support providers.

- Provision and delivery of durable medical equipment, supplies and prescription medications for all pediatric patients, including uninsured children who would otherwise go without.

- Child life specialists, counseling services and complementary treatments such as music, art and pet therapy.

- Support and education for patient families and caregivers.

This program is one of the few in the nation that provides palliative services (not reimbursed under Medicaid) to uninsured patients. Last year, over 73% of patients in the Community PedsCare program were uninsured and approximately 94% of program services were provided without reimbursement from insurance or Medicaid.

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